City of Wadsworth: WebFTP Application

This web form will allow you to upload .zip files that are 850mb or smaller in file size to the City of Wadsworth.

Do NOT use this website for sending sensitive information (ie: Credit Card information, Usernames/Passwords, Social Security Numbers, etc.)


If your file is not already in zip format, you can create a zip file by:


1.) Specify your e-mail address:
    From E-Mail Address:


2.) List all the receipients (seperated by commas) that should receive this file:
    To E-Mail Address(es):


3.) Please enter the numbers to the right of the box:    655966


4.) Click the "Browse" button to choose a file:


5.) Click the "Upload File" button to start the transfer:


6.) Wait for the transfer to complete (don't close your Internet browser)